Quick Circuit QCJ5 – The Intelligent Solution

T-Tech’s most technically advanced prototyping system!
The QCJ5 series delivers the precision, speed, and automation required to take your prototyping capabilities to the next level.
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The QCJ5 empowers the engineer with features such as:

    • 3 Axis Motion Control with over 3.0″ of vertical travel
    • Automatic Tool Change with 12, 24 or 32 positions
    • Automatic Depth Control with ContactByTouch
    • Fiducial Recognition and Alignment
    • Tool Bit Detection with CheckByTouch
    • 60,000 or 100,000 RPM variable speed spindles
    • Pre-Touch Pressure Foot
    • 254 mm x 330 mm (10” x 13”) work surface
    • Fully Integrated Precision Flat Vacuum Table
    • Front panel control of common system commands
Specifications: Model QCJ5
Standard Speed High Speed
RPM Software Controlled 0-60,000 0-100,000
3 Phase Spindle Power 300 Watts 300 Watts
Smallest Drill Size .15mm (0.006”) 0.1mm (0.004”)
Smallest Mill Size .15mm (0.006”) 0.1mm (0.004”)
Milling Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 3,800mm/min (150”/min)
Traverse Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 3,800mm/min (150”/min)
Drilling Speed 180 Holes/min 180 Holes/min
Routing Speed 3,800mm/min (150”/min) 4,500mm/min (180”/min)
Material Size 35cm x 40cm (14”x16”) 35cm x 40cm (14”x16”)
Work Area 25x33x7.6 cm (10x13x3.0”) 25x33x7.6 cm (10x13x3.0”)
Resolution 0.012mm (0.0005”) 0.006mm (0.00025”)
Repeatability  0.008mm (0.00036”) 0.004mm (0.00018”)
Stroke Z-Axis 76mm (3.0”) 76mm (3.0”)
Machine Voltage  80-245 Volts 50/60Hz 80-245 Volts 50/60Hz
Machine Dimensions 66x66x50cm (26x26x20”) 66x66x50cm (26x26x20”)
Machine Weight 45 kg (99 lbs) 49 kg (108 lbs)
Automatic Tool Change 12, 24, or 32 Tools 12, 24, or 32 Tools
Axis Motion Control X,Y, and Z Axis Control X,Y, and Z Axis Control
Automatic Depth Control Standard Standard
Front Panel Controls Standard Standard
Pressure Foot System Pre-Touch Pre-Touch
Vacuum Table Fully Integrated – Standard Fully Integrated – Standard
Sound Enclosure Standard Standard
Mac Requirements Intel Processor OSX 10.5 or Newer Intel Processor OSX 10.5 or Newer
Windows Requirements 1.5Ghz Processor  4GB RAM , Windows 7,8.1 and 10 Professional 64 bit 1.5Ghz Processor  4GB RAM , Windows 7 , 8.1 and 10 Professional 64 bit
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