8 User Management System

IsoPro 4.2 comes with a user management system. Each user on the system can be assigned a permissions level. The GUI will adjust itself according to the user’s permission level. There are currently three permission levels: student, intermediate, and advanced. This portion of the manual will tell you everything you need to know about user levels in IsoPro.

Note: when the system is turned off, users will have full access to IsoPro.

Note: the system only accepts user/pass combinations that are entirely made up of ASCII characters.

To turn the system on (or log into it) press “CTRL+SHIFT+F10” from the main screen. A screen like the one below will appear:

If the system is already on, just type your password and click the OK button.

If this is your first time, click the “Change Password” checkbox, enter your desired password twice in the password fields below, and click OK. Un-click the “Change Password” checkbox, type in the password you set, and then click the OK button.

A screen like the one below should appear:

To set everything up, follow the instructions on the screen.

Note: the first time you setup the system, you won’t have logged in, you’ll need to reboot IsoPro to do this. You’ll also want to create a user for the Admin to log in as. The username “Admin” is protected and can’t be created.

You can now login as other users that the Admin creates.

Note: if you want to login as the Admin, type “Admin” for username and “the admin password” for password in the login screen. This should only be done if the Admin’s user has been deleted from the user table (see above).

If you want to turn the whole system off, and allow all users to have “Advanced” access, open up the “Enterprise Management Login” screen (CTRL+SHIFT+F10 ) and type in the admin password, click the “Change Password” checkbox, click the “Disable Enterprise Mode” checkbox, and then click the OK button.

If you enable the system again, all your user settings will be there waiting for you. There is no need to type in everything all over again.

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