1 Introduction

Congratulations on your purchase of the Quick Circuit QCJ5 system – The fastest and most economical automated circuit board prototyping system available. The QCJ5 prototyping system allows you to produce single and double sided circuit boards. With the addition of T-Tech’s Quick Plate System and Quick Press, multi-layer boards can also be produced from your standard CAD/CAM output files. The Quick Circuit QCJ5, is the most innovative three-axis milling and drilling machine available to date. The purpose of the QCJ5 is to quickly create cost effective prototype printed circuit boards, or PCBs. The QCJ5 is easy to use, and produces high quality and extremely precise prototype PCBs. The QCJ5 will dramatically reduce design-to-test cycle time by providing a design engineer with the ability to create prototypes in-house. With the QCJ5 you can go from design to test in a fraction of the time required when using standard “quick turn-around” board shops.

What’s in the Box

-1 QCJ5 System
-1 USB cable
-1 AC power cord
-1 IsoPro software installation CD and copy protection device
-1 Startup tool kit
          -1 Buff pad 
          -1 1/2” Deburr Hand Tool
          -1 Package of 10 dowel pins
          -1 Package of two 8 A fuses
          -1 Startup Toolkit (10 pieces)
          -1 Startup board material (2 pieces)
          -1 Package of Vacuum backup material (2 pieces)
          -1 Pneumatic Spindle maintenance kit 
          -1 Can 3N1 oil with Q-tips for applying oil to the linear rails ONLY 
          -1 Feeler Gauge
-1 Dual Vac system
	   -2 Small vacuum hose
	   -4 Vacuum reducers/adapters (2 types)
	   -1 AC power cord adapter for the vacuum to connect to the Quick Circuit      
              controller power entry module
	   -1 AC Power cord
           -1 Dual Vac
  • If shipping damage is noticed, or parts are missing, please contact T-Tech immediately at 770-455-0676.


If you have technical questions or would like to schedule training, please call our Technical Support number (770) 455-0676. In order to better serve you please have the serial number of your Quick Circuit QCJ5 system available when calling technical support.

With our customized training program, you will have one-on-one training with an experienced T-Tech Quick Circuit Technician. T-Tech offers various training packages: On-site, online web-training, or at our corporate facility in Norcross, GA.

T-Tech offers a 1/2 day online, interactive training package with our staff to learn how to run your Quick Circuit. This is offered at a reduced rate. Prior to your training date, you should set up your Quick Circuit system and become familiar with it. This will make the most of your training time. Training will be performed using standard tutorial CAD files in order to address all features and functions.

Needed Equipment

- A stable workbench
- 15 amps, 115 VAC, 50/60 HZ standard duplex outlet or a 220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ power outlet
- A computer controlled Dual Vacuum from T-Tech to remove the cut board particles and hold the board material to the vacuum table.
- Compressed Air Requirements
  - Required Filtration:  Class 3 filter grade at least 5µm for solids
  - Water Content:  Class 4, Max. pressure dew point +3C
  - Total Oil Content: Class 2, max oil content 0.1mg/m3
  - Required Pressure: Output pressure should be from 85psi to 95 psi 
  - Required Flow: Output capacity C.F.M.:5.8
- A Windows Compatible PC to run the IsoPro software
- Gerber files and NC (Excellon) drill files generated from your CAD software for your circuit boards. 
  • T-Tech highly recommends the annually renewable service agreement.  For specific details and pricing please contact a T-Tech customer support representative: 770-455-0676

Computer Requirements

 - A Windows Compatible PC with 2.0GHz quad core processor or faster.
 - Microsoft Windows; Win 7 Pro, Win 8.1 Pro, Win 10 Pro (64 bit) Operating System
 - 1 GB of RAM or more
 - 500 MB of free hard disk space
 - One free USB port 2.0/3.0 for the Quick Circuit machine

Optional HEPA Clean Room Vacuum System

If you purchased a Clean Room Vacuum System you should have received:
 - 1 Vacuum	
 - 1 Large 31.75 mm (1 ¼”) inner diameter vacuum hose and two black delron connectors.
 - 1 Small 15mm (5/8”) inner diameter black vacuum hose and two black delron connectors.
 - 1 HEPA filter (to remove the fiberglass particles from the air).
  • If shipping damage is noticed, or parts are missing, please contact T-Tech immediately at 770-455-0676.
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