3 Initial System Checkout

Check the readiness of the QCJ5 Quick Circuit system by performing the following system checks:

Step 1: Connect to the Quick Circuit to a USB 2.0/3.0 port on your PC.
Step 2: Verify that the Dual Vac System is properly connected to the Quick Circuit and power source.
– Connect the foot pedal to the connector on the front of the Dual Vac.
– Connect the double-ended cable E style (3 prong male) from the Dual Vac power entry module to the Quick Circuit power entry module.
– Plug the Dual Vac System to an appropriate voltage outlet (115-220 Volts @ 15 Amps)
– Attach one of the vacuum hose assemblies (provided with the Dual Vac) from the DEBRIS VACUUM port on the Dual Vac, to the inlet
port labeled “Debris Vacuum”.
– Attach the other hose assembly to the VACUUM TABLE port on the Dual Vac, then to the vacuum inlet, labeled “Vacuum Table”, on the
Quick Circuit.
Step 3: Verify that the compressed air is supplied to the Quick Circuit through the Filter/Regulator connection on the back of the
Quick Circuit. The air must be clean and dry and 85-95 psi.
NOTE: If the pressure is above 95 PSI, you will void the warranty. The supplied regulator is set to 90 PSI.
Step 4: Verify that the AC power cord is connected to the rear of the Quick Circuit and plugged in to an appropriate voltage
outlet. (115-220 Volts @ 15 Amps)
Step 5: Open the integrated sound enclosure cover.
Step 6: Turn on the Quick Circuit by pushing the round power button on the front.
Step 7: Verify that the AIR BEARING PRESSURE FOOT PNEUMATICS are set properly. To do this, press and hold the “+” button located
under digital display labeled UP FORCE (PSI). Notice that the digital display will continuously rise as long as you hold the button.
It is recommended that you set the pressure to 15 PSI on the UP FORCE. Repeat this step for the DOWN FORCE(PSI) and AIR GAP
It is not recommended that you apply more than 30 psi to any of the pressures.
Step 8: Remove the protective plastic from the table top. This ensures that your Vacuum Table will function and your table is flat.
Step 9: Verify that the Quick Circuit Vacuum Table is working properly. To do this, first turn on the Dual Vacuum power switch.
Next depress the Dual Vac Foot Pedal to activate the vacuum table. Place a piece of board material on the vacuum table to test the
performance of the Quick Circuit Vacuum Table. The board material should be securely held to the vacuum table surface. Place the
vacuum velum pieces on the table to cover the exposed holes.
Step 10:
1.Boot up IsoPro (installed above).
2. Go to: Mill => Initialize
3. Your Quick Circuit will initialize itself and place the spindle over the “Home Position”.

Congratulations! You are ready to make your first circuit board!

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