5 Front Panel Air Pressure Controls

For most applications, air pressure should be set between 10-15 psi for Down Force, 10-15 PSI for Up Force, and 6-8 PSI for Air Gap Pressure.

The Air Gap Pressure is directly related to the flow of air forced through the pressure foot to provide an “air gap” between the pressure foot and the material being milled.

The Down Force is directly related to the amount of pressure that is applied to the surface of the material. The Up Force is the amount of pressure needed to move the pressure foot up and away from the material.

NOTE: Pressure foot UP and Down force should be set at approximately the same psi for best performance. The Function Controls, located on the lower left corner of the Front Panel Controls, are NOT used at this time. These buttons will light up when depressed but are reserved for future use. For machines with Blue Digits on the Front Panel, the IsoPro software will default to the previous pressure settings.


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