4B ContactByTouch

Defining the ContactByTouch target area:

A ContactByTouch target area is defined within the QCJ5 workspace. This target area is the location that the machine will travel to set the material height, and tool offsets. This area should be as close to the location of the board to be milled as possible. To define the area, simply click on the “Tools” menu, select the “ContactByTouch” submenu. Select the “Set target area”. Notice your cursor has now changed. Now simply draw a rectangle where you would like the target area to be defined by left clicking & dragging the mouse. Place the Target area in a location where the outer ring of the pressure foot and the tool bit can contact the conductive board material. NOTE: To ensure proper functionality, you must keep the copper board material isolated from the table top. You can use the red handle deburr tool to remove the copper around the 1/8” pinning holes. This keeps the metal pin from shorting to table ground.

These same features can be found on the toolbar located on the upper right of your IsoPro work area.

Get Tool Offset

  • The machine will automatically get the tool offset after every tool change.
  • Make sure a tool is in the spindle.
  • Select “Get Tool Offset”, located in the “ContactByTouch” submenu, in the “Tools” menu.
  • The machine will now get the current tool’s offset.
  • Get tool offset can also be completed from the Jog Menu.

Get Material Height

  • ContactByTouch can be used to define the material plane (top of the material).
  • Make sure a tool is in the spindle.
  • It is recommended that you use the largest diameter drill bit you have to perform this operation.
  • Once a tool is in the spindle click on the “Tools” menu, select the “ContactByTouch” submenu.
  • Select “Get Material Height”.
  • The machine will now move to the target area and get the Material Height.
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