1 IsoPro Installation and Upgrade

First Time Install (From CD)

  • Install IsoPro Software.
  • Enter your email/user info while when prompted to.
  • If you are using IsoPro 3.3 and below, merge the registry file found on the install CD AFTER install.
  • If you are using IsoPro 4.0+, things are different. Once the install is over, move the Settings.xml file on your CD to “INSTALL_DRIVE:\IsoPro\”. If you do not have an XML OR REG file, please contact T-Tech at (770) 455-0676.
  • Power OFF your computer.
  • Power ON your computer (Do NOT plug in your USB cable to the QCJ5!)
  • Turn on the power to your QCJ5.
  • Now plug in your USB cable to the Quick Circuit QCJ5.
  • Wait for Windows to lead the drivers. There are several: Quick Circuit Controller, Front Panel, JVision Camera, internal Hub, IsoPro Software Key.
  • After the drivers are loaded, you can start IsoPro software.

Upgrading IsoPro

You need to uninstall IsoPro and “IDS uEye” (if it is there) in Control Panel and the REBOOT before installing the latest version of IsoPro.

If you are upgrading from IsoPro prior to 4.0, and you want to keep your old settings (you probably do) follow the instructions in the “INSTALL_DRIVE:\IsoPro\Registry to XML (readme).txt” file AFTER installing the app. Note: you’ll want to have IsoPro OFF when running the EXE file mentioned.

How to Run IsoPro (Following Upgrade)

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Plug in the USB cable and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
  • Turn on the power to your QCJ5 and wait for Windows to install the additional drivers.
  • Start IsoPro.
  • Go to: Mill => Initialize
  • Your Quick Circuit will initialize itself and place the spindle over the “Home Position”.
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